Marketing your Business

Establish your Brand

We can help with naming and branding your small business. Services include logo design, brand standards (colors, fonts, etc), tagline writing, and voice establishment and consistency across all sales and marketing channels.

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan answers key questions about where, when, and how you will talk about your business. Together, we will help you build a strategy combining all channels of marketing into a cohesive plan that tells your story effectively, and reaches your target audience. 

Printed Materials

As a VistaPrint Pro Advantage Member, we have access to hundreds of printed products from business cards and banners, to t-shirts and keychains. We help with the design and content on each product, then order it on your behalf and deliver to you. 

Website Management

As a GoDaddy Pro member, we have access to the tools to get you online fast with a professional and user-friendly site. Services include site design and content creation. 

DIRECT SELLERS: We are limited in what (if any) website services we can provide. Please inquire for available services.

Social Media

It seems like everyone is on social media in some form...are you? With tips for what to do (and what not to do), we will help you to integrate this powerful marketing tool in a way that yields results, instead of just adding work for you and distraction for your customers. 

Advertising & PR

Whether you have a big budget, or no budget, we can help you make the most of it! Services include ROI analysis on advertising opportunities, identification of low-cost or no-cost opportunities, and content creation with storytelling.

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