Sales Strategy & Support

Find your Customers

Who are your target customers? If you don't know, you need to! Obviously you want all customers that come your way, but when it comes to marketing efforts and sales strategy, you need to target your efforts toward those who will benefit you most.

Sell Online

We can help you set up your own e-commerce store, or leverage partnerships with existing online marketplaces. Reinforce your store with a strategy for driving customers to shop, and you'll be set up for online success.

Traditional Retail

Looking to get your product on the shelves of a local retailer? With experience navigating these channels, we can help you identify the right retailer for your product, connect with the decision maker there, and prepare your sales pitch. Or, if you are operating your own retail store, we can help with layout, merchandising, signage, and more.

Product Mix & Pricing Strategy

It's important to offer the very best of your products, at a competitive price that also protects your own margins. We can evaluate your product mix across all selling channels, and ensure that each is priced right for selling success.

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